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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 engraving or wood cut of the Pope, no two alike, were hung
on the outer walls and gaily trimmed- His white and
yellow colors were plenty- and we never could tell how
much of this display was designed for either competitor-
At ten oclock we were off again, down the Rhine in the
large, new steamer “Kaiser” (Emperor), three stories high, and
well filled with english passengers-
Flags and firing salute us at nearly every mile, as
the towns are so numerous on each side- However our
steamer made but few stops- Bingen- Coblentz- Bonn, and
a few other stops but the “others” were mere halts in the
steamer to receive passengers from a row-boat-
As I have described the Rhine in my first volume of
these notes I’ll not repeat-
The extreme heat was relieved by a violent thunder
shower, ceasing just in time to land us dry at Cologne
(spelled “Köln” by the natives) in seven and half hours-
Hotel du Nord again- within a few rods of the great cath-
edral, which we had the pleasure of seeing illumin-
nated about 10 1/2 P.M. With red Bengal-lights, lasting
five or eight minutes, splendidly showing up the grand
architecture of its thousands of spires- Hot-
17th THis morning we took a deliberate stroll through the
great cathedral again. Our first visit to it was our first entry
into an European church, and this one will be nearly the last-
now we can judge it critically- Now, we are particularly in-
terested in its great extent of stained-glass windows, far beyond that

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