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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 June 16 Schwalbach to Cologne

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 our steamboat.
On the levee
were three cannons
being fired very
few minutes.
she at first ran
away and hid
in a church from
-Baths of “Schlangenbad”- which we had
much difficulty in getting her on board, going along
screaming like mad, holding her ears, while I fairly dragged
her- This day happens to be a double holiday, both
for the Protestants and catholics. Each an unprecedented oc-
casion. The former for the great triumphal entree into Berlin
and the latter in honor of Pope Pius 9th having finished his term
of office by a 25 years reign and entitled to sit in St Peters chair
the hansome bronze case of which, we saw in St Peters church above
the rear alter- [sic] Pius is the first one among the two hundred
Popes who has lived to win the right, and the Romans told us
that they expected him also to die, “probably by prison” they said,
before his term expired, because of the old saying, that such a
calamity would be the extermination of Popes-
Thus everybody today is celebrating in some way—each ac-
cording to their means- Every house- hamlet- or village is gay
with a confusion of flags, banners, streamers, and colored papers,
Evergreen festoons, wreaths, bouquets, on the walls- bushes and
green branches stood up along the sidewalks- Every old

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