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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the thick and the thin- the pale and dark- jostle each
other, very quiet- but little sociability or gaiety-
In the rooms over our heads at the “Tivoli”, is the family of
Prince Gortshakoff of Russia. The plainly dressed old
lady dont ^look^ like the wife of the highest officer of so great a nation
she has no carriage or retinue- Occasionally a prussian
officer with spike top hat clanks among us with spurs and
dangling sword- no wounded-
At seven oclock we take supper- look form our windows
at the evening promenaders and citizens astir- enjoy the
evening twilight, and retire at nine without having lighted
a candle- Although our three doors open out into the
lower front hall we never lock them except at night-
16th We bid good bye to Schwalbach with much regret. All
of us have become much attached to its quiet delights, dense
spring foliage, charming terraced promenades, and substantial
meals- In an excellent easy carriage, with our
trunks in a waggon [sic] following, we ascended to the high hills dig-
nified with the name of “Taunus Mountains”, there down into
a narrow winding valley which carried us through the char-
ming little watering-place of “Schlangenbad”, fine bathing but
poor drinking. The little valley is ornmaented with promenades
while two or three score of “villas” form a line each side along
the base of either mountain. The “town” exclusive of villas is
very small and rather too quiet for my taste-
Two hours delightful ride landed us at Eltville on the Rhine
where Alice had a terrible fright while awaiting the arrival

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