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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the music stand, around and among the many series of benches
invitingly placed beside the walks, under the trees, or beside the
lakelet, all (nearly) containing people, nobility and commoners
heterogeneously mixed. Then sit down among them to
do our share of the criticising. The voices are unmis-
takably German, the majority- A few English (always dreadfully
homely) and occasionallly a French voice- Beside us
sit a couple of ladies elegantly dressed industriously (?) working
at some embroidery, when this little piece of affectation has been
sufficiently displayed the white kid-gloves are resumed-
around us many children playing with rubber balls- steady
old couples in shady nooks reading aloud- We soon
find names for the most conspicuous- Here comes the “walking
couple”, a young couple whom we always meet, constantly walking
rapidly. There goes the “dressy-woman” who appears every
day in a different costume, with hat, ribbons, sashes, and parasol
to match. She exhausted her stock in about three weeks and
had to leave or begin again, so she is doubtless now in gay
Wiesbaden going through the same routine- The
“graceful couple”, the “fat dowager”, the “old smoker” are
all looked for regularity- [sic] This spring
weather, with its cheerful sunshine and chilly winds, brings
out a variety of styles- A well developed young lady
in bare arms and low neck dress, is just as likely to be followed
by a steady middle aged lady in a a seal skin cloak or heavy
shawl, velvet cloak, +c. Light airy costumes flit by the
heavy winter robes- The “halt, lame, and blind”

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