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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 store, grocery, shop, or office are “appartements à louer” advertised
in an “affiche” on the wall- Their largest advertisement and
best recommend is understood to be an inviting exterior, so they
are continually cleaning- One early arrival found everybody
painting, scrubbing, washing, every piece of the buildings that
could be seen from the street- High german stockings on high
step ladders were every where visible- The Germans are
proverbially cleanly- Our little, cheerful, dumpling of
a chambermaid, with round, fullmoon face, and r ed cheeks
like a full blown hollyhock, overhauls our parlor every
morning before breakfast, with windows open, sweeping, dusting
wiping, every corner, window, door and chair leg, until our
backs ache in sympathy- we have no fears of swallowing
a “peck of dirt” here- No fleas- no beggars- no cars- no
steam- no theatre- non drinking saloons- no gambling-
The letter-carrier, and the post express-carrier, who bring the
mail and packages to our rooms, both wearing the government
post office uniform, are the most important officials of the town
and whose movements we, as well as the citizens, watch with much
interest- Our daily routine might be called
monotonous, but to me it is a delightful rest-
Before Breakfast, walk to the Wienbrunnen, drink, look at the
drinkers, listen to the Orchestra- After Breakfast, read, write,
walk. At twelve oclock (one hour) the Bath, to the spring
again- a walk- DInner at two- read, write, snooze, dress
(the ladies) for evening “dress-parade”- and go to five oclock,
concert by the orchestra- Promenade once or twice around

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