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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 and festooned evergreens- We tried to discover
the name for this demonstration but our waiter returned saying
that none of the house servants knew it although we saw the
proprietors little son carrying a banner- Results- a cold breakfast-
The day was so bright that, after dinner, we were
tempted into the hansome two-horse landau standing before
our door, and “shoved-off”, up town, up grade, past the
pretty villas “Eugenie”, “Dorset”, “Werner” Prinz von Prussen” “Einhorn”
“Ziller-Thal” +c +c up, up, up, down, down always a pretty
well-graded wide road, for an hour, enjoying the beauties
of nature which the higher Altitudes gave us, extending many
miles in every direction, our charming winding valleys, cul-
tivated hills, forest clad hills, in every variety of tint, where
beautiful white roads are seen drag-
ging their serpentine coils up and
down, until distance spins them
into a cobweb fineness-
No works of art can charm me as
effectually as these magnificent
panoramas of nature.
what an honest, industrious, clean
and quiet place, is this little town
of Schwalbach. In addition,
to the many charming houses or
villas for rent, each one sporting a
large sign with euphonious name,
the whole town is “for rent”- Over

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