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11th One year ago today we sailed from New York in the French
steamer Ville de Paris. That was Saturday—This is Sunday-
This morning the first look from our parlor windows greeted
us with the novel sight of a little outdoor chapel dressed in
white, long candles, and trinkets, erected under the trees in the
corner of the park across from our Hotel- Just as our
breakfast was brought in, a long procession was seen coming
up the hill, headed by a boy in voluminous robes carrying a
wooden cross. Two long single-files (six or eight paces
apart) of Boys, men, women, girls, as flanking columns
to the most conspicuous characters occupying the space
between- The highest catholic officials, walked under a
square yellow canopy carried by four men, followed by our park
orchestra, a score or two of girls in white whose heads and
dresses were wreathed and festooned with green, men, boys,
and women, all carrying long lighted candles wound with green,
interspersed by a score of cheap banners and flags, halted
before our house and waited for the little alter [sic] to be blessed, lighted
and smoked. Down on their knees-fortunately the street was
dry for the first day in nearly two weeks—but we noticed several
of them carefully arranging their handkerchiefs under their knees-
All were bare-headed- Jep says the files of girls were so
crowded that they were squeezed up on tiptoe, and the little
boys poked each other in the ribs for stepping on their heels-
The fronts of several houses near here were trimmed with potted plants

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