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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 June 3d-8th Schwalbach 779

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The Hotel “Duke de Nassau” opposite, is the second largest Hotel,
and the next building, down the street, beyond the last one to
be seen herein, is where our apartments are situated)-
The first building on the left in the photo-is the front of the
little Catholic church)
3rd A letter today from “our Henry” gives the sad news of
the death of his only child, a bright large headed boy of
five years, of Typhus-
6th Tuesday- One year ago today (it was Monday the 6th) we
left our dear home, for the uncertainties of Europe,
and the last few days of steady rain (it is raining yet)
has made us with many times that we were there now-
8th This morning, as usual, I went down before Breakfast
(raining) to hear the orchestra in the covered-promenade
and watch for new faces among the promenaders-
All of the shops, present^d^ a blank display of shutters
instead of their brilliant display of watering-place fancy-
goods- All are closed, for another of the many
holidays which are so common among the Germans-
I asked our Landlord what was the occasion- He did’nt
know but upon consulting the Almanac found it to be
“Frohnlenchnon” [sic]- Did’nt known what that meant in
english but hurried to his room for his Germano-English
dictionary and found it to be “Holy Body of christ”-
and I confess to a continued ignorance of the “wherefore”-
It is a Catholic holiday-and although this town is two thirds prot-
testant, they are so fond of holidays that they are glad for

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