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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 “Kursaal” (gambling house) and through the grand saloons
of the latter, spending a half hour in its well supplied
reading rooms.
Frankfurt, shopping, shopping, Diamonds, dresses, hats,
silk-umbrellas, ‘till four P.M. And back again to
Schwalback [sic] before dark. Pleasant excursion-
The first two weeks of our stay here was a little
dull as regards news from stirring events around Paris
on account of the absence of English papers, but about the
27th of May a public reading room was opened, opening
up to us the horrors of the closing rebellion at Paris and
on the 31st it was reported entirely squelched-
The music, gardens, and reading rooms are maintained
by a tax upon visitors remaining longer than ten days.
My tax was about $520 for the family. A special
building for the reading rooms are being built in the Park-
At present they are in the the rear portion of the largest
Hotel called the
“Allee Saal” or
“Hotel de la prom-
enade” adjoin-
ing the Park-
(In the photo-
the large building
on the right is
the front end of
the Allee Saal -Allee Saal-

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