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Fortunately she was wearing her short street-dress which
cleared the ground and cleared her pedal extremity too, but
the latter was conveniently near the ground to step off at
the first evidences of danger or a run-away- However the
latter proved to be the least fearful as the Donkey required
to be fairly dragged along, at an agonizing pace-
The criticising [sic] glances of promenaders convinced the “eques-
trienne” that she was occupying a position more suitable
to children, and decided to pay her bill and retire, but
alas! She discovered that her purse was at home. She could’nt
pay, she could’nt talk Dutch to explain, so she must con-
tinue riding, riding. At last among the sympathising [sic]
passers she found a lady who could interpret and give,
her “promise to pay”-
June 2nd Today wife and I went to Frankfurt- we
chartered the landlords hansome and comfortable little
one-seated carriage, one Horse, and a liveried driver who
had a larger “W” on each of his large silvered buttons,
just the thing exactly- We hurried over the Famous
mountains to catch the nine A.M. Train at Weisbaden
and to our extreme disgust found that our Schwalbach
informant was a last years advertisement. There was no
train until eleven oclock. We might have remained two
hours longer in bed and enjoyed a better Breakfast-
We filled up our extra two hours by a promenade
through the arcades of shops, the charming grounds of the

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