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a straight face- Yet we all stood it bravely no
permitting the audience to know of our ignorance-
– In front of our windows, across
the street, is the Donkey-stand, where, from one to
six or seven little animals (according to the temperature of
the weather) are kept ready saddled all day, for the
romantic, and children, tempted by the bright red
saddle-cloths and the
xxx xxx easy arm-chair
attachments upon the
The proprietors
-She rides- all wear caps and
blue cotton blouses. Many days they stand there the
whole day without a customer. The most
faithful attendant, who is always there whether any
one else is, or not, is the fortunate possessor of an
infant Donkey, the first one we ever saw. They
undoubtedly all have an age of infancy yet how
strange that we never see them. This little Donkey
is a great pet and we spend hours watching his playful
ntics. His hair is soft and fine, and he is as fond of
being folded as a Dog. The “mother of us”
was tempted into mounting the venerable mother of the infant
Donkey, for a half hour promenade. Her portly figure
and voluminous draper nearly smothered the beast

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