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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 oil painting of Martin Luther. Yes, we were in the Lutheran
or German Reform church. Happy the day when the
sale of “indulgences” by Pope Leo 10th for the completion of great
Saint Peters drove that great reformer from their midst to
begin the erection of a greater and more enduring structure.
Todays services, praying singing +c were much the
same as our Presbyterian, no extra flourishes- Between
forty and fifty boys and girls occupied benches each side
of the preacher to be confirmed. The girls wore on their
heads green wreaths mixed with small white flowers-
The confirmation was simple . A boy and girl, alternately, rep-
resenting each sect, came forward and, standing before the
Preacher facing the audience, deliverd a long formula
bravely- Then they all bowed before him in sets of four
while he told them their duties, his hands restring on their heads-
The preaching was extemporaneous, in a firm clear voice
eloquently, from a well appearing unostentatious man.
The audience evidently belong to the lower classes and
that class of woman here are not remarkable for beauty, but
they were neatly dressed and an atmosphere of sincere wor-
ship and true faith pervaded the room- The preaching
was evidently impressive as many women and girls weres
sobbing audibly- but it was “all Dutch” to us- I
understood occasionally a word but not a sentence-
There is always something comical or rediculous [sic] about a
harangue delivered at you so seriously where you cannot
understand a word- It required all of the impressive

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