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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 their monotonous ceremonies with empty unfeeling hearts, before
a scattering audience whose every look and more betrayed
the lowest depths of superstition and ignorance, an in-
difference to the unintelligible manouvers [sic] and mutterings of the
officials, coming in and going out, always the lowest clas-
ses, a bow to same saint or Virgin, a crossing of the breast and fore-
head, a kissing of same statues toe, and out again about their
business, while we and other impious tourists invade every
corner followed by persistant [sic] beggars who have dipped their
fingers in the “holy water” previous to “going for” us-
But! Priests! Here we are in another church, not a
beggar has been seen, for its in Germany, not Italy-
We enter the church aisle, and , although the 9 A.M. Bell has
but just ceased tolling, we find the church full. Every seat
occupied, and no one entering after us. Every church member
has arrived in punctual season, but with usual german polite-
ness they crowd together, push aside little Boys and smilingly
insist upon our sharing their seats. The ladies accepted
but I remained standing, and a back aching experiment
I found it, too- The doors had closed behind us, there was
no chance for a genteel retreat. Every one was so quiet, respect-
full and attentive. I never saw an audience more orderly-
Even the many little Boys huddled together on low benches
dared not to move. Women below and men in the gal-
leries. The church is small and finished as plainly
as a country school-house, straightbacked uncushioned seats-
No gilding or finery except a full length nearly framed

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