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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 raise their caps to us as we pass. Shop keepers are extremely
active and always thoughtful of their politeness- Servants
never enter or leave our rooms without respectfully saluting or bid-
ding adieu to those present. The landlord or servant
sitting in the hall when we pass out will promptly arise,
bow, speak, and if possible run ahead to open a door. Their
children hasten to flatten themselves against the walls, except a
cunning little youngster whose independance [sic] seems to mortify
the older ones- The continual succession of
bows, and congratulations xxxxx keeps us on the watch to
maintain our dignity-
28th Sunday, “Feast of Pentecost”- During the past week
we have, on several occasions, seen groups of merry
youngsters pass our windows with large empty Baskets
and in a few hours to return with them loaded with
evergreen clippings. Learning that they were trimming
up the church for this day of “confirmation” we decided to
attend. Our last church attendance was in
the “eternal city” under the eyes of the “infallable” [sic] himself-
where religion (!) guarded and fostered by thousands of
black-robed assistants ought to have attained perfection-
with Baedakers red guide-book in hand we sauntered around
among the Kneeling devotees, wondering at the grand architecture
gaudily adorned with polished marble and precious stones in
every known color, rich gildings and mosaics, large paintings
and frescoes crowded with saintly allegories, up to the
richly adorned Priests mechanically going through with

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