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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 day or two, the town-crier comes along ringing a large handle
bell, takes up his position modestly in the gutter, on the cor-
ner as the law directs, and in a loud monotonous tone reads
his proclamation oblivious to all thats transpiring around
him. Before the last word of his deutsch lingo has left
his mouth he has faced about and is marching for the next
Promenaders old and young, gay and plain, sick and
well- decrepid [sic] and week [sic] (in comfortable chairs, on wheels with
faithful servants drawing or pushing them- pass continually
in review- The hansome carriage from Weisbaden
meets the native vehicle drawn by a cow and driven by the
proprietress with lines, said cow, hitched on one side of a
tongue instead [sic] between shafts, and the traces hitched to the
pad on her forehead-
Every morning soon after daylight the cow-herd or dairy-
man followed by his cows passes under our windows, and
the loud “bo-o-peep, bo-o-peep-bo-o-o” from a horn never fails to
awaken me and listen to its repetition before every customer
until distance exhausts it-
It is very pleasant and agreable to observe the native
politeness- Every male, even to the laborers and little boys

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