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as where we are, but it
was not warmly enough situa-
ted regarding the Sun-
26th Two weeks today since
our arrival. We jog
along in our daily
routine enjoying the
lazy quietude- When -From our parlor windows-
we first came there were scarcely half a dozen strangers
in town. Windows closed, shops closed, and every denizen
ceased work or motion at our approach to gaze upon the
first blossoming of their golden crop, and now we
in turn, watch the arrivals but little less interestedly, and
observe by the printed “strangers list” that there are now about
one hundred and fifty new-comers, whose daily dress-parade
in the park gives us something to criticise. [sic] The “season”
is not considered to have “begun” before June 1st.
Our Tivoli Parlor with its three windows facing the main road
from Weisbaden, its junction with the other main street leading
towards the Stahlbrunnen and principal Hotels, and the lower
corner of the Park which begins just across the street from us,
gives us a central location for amusing ourselves with all that
transpires in town- But few carriages to
remain here for hire, have yet made their appearance. Every
morning and evening the lumbering yellow stage, drawn by three Horses
abreast, comes and goes as regularly as clockwork. Every

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