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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 And in the centre the powerful iron spring called therefore the “stahl-
brunnen” and which contains one cubic inch more ^of gas^ than the Wein-
brunnen, in a pint of water.
Near the spring is another stand for musicians, a bower amidst
dense foliage, where the orchistra [sic] also plays twice a day
so we can hear four concerts daily by following the band.
Beside the spring is a long arcade filled with shops and
beyond is a row
of large houses
with large signs
like hotels, but
they are “furnished
apartments” with
cooks ready to
serve meals in
your rooms-
with the exception -The Stahlbrunnen-
of the lower part of town where the two valleys run into the smaller
residences and shops of the lower classes, nearly every house in
Schwalbach is arranged to rent its upper stories to strangers, and
every one sports a large and long german sign indicating that fact.
“Zum- Deutschen-Kaiser”, “Panorama”, “Pariserhof”, “Tivoli” +c. +c.
The villas also sport “taking” names, and the greater number of them
Nearly all, are charmingly situated in isolated, commanding spots
Surrounded with grateful shade. One of them very near to
The Weinbrunnen is called “Eugenes Villa” [sic] because the Em-
Press in her palmy days favored it with her ^imperial^ presence. We

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