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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Continuing our walk up the valley a few rods farther we reach
the musicians covered stand, near the shore of a pretty little Lake
surrounded by luxurient shade, gravelled walks, and many conven-
ient benches from whence to hear the
excellent music which the excellent
orchestra of twenty pieces give
us twice a day.
Across the lake from the music stand
a rustic bridge crosses the inlet
The proprietors of this pond
are two noble white Swans who
attract much attention, especially from
children. They are very agreable [sic]
and gracious while being fed, but
if any one offers to touch the water
with foot or hand they will express
-Lakelet- extreme indignation and bite at
the offending member, hurry around the shore to defend it
and if the assailant reaches the opposite shore too soon for their
swimming will get up and fly across with a floundering
flapping commotion very amusing.
Farther up the valley is another spring, the Pauline-brunnen
neatly paved and protected like the rest, but without a cover, and
is but little used.
Crossing the ridge to the other valley we find more char-
ming promenades, easy seats, groves, rows of trees, flower

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