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Anna and Homer bathe every day and the rest of us about twice a
week, and all agree that they are the most delightful baths ever ex-
perienced. They are particularly efficacious in nervous complaints-
First floor baths are all Wienbrunnen [sic] water. Second story all stahl-
brunnen from the other valley. We take the latter- can have any
temperature desired. The same kind of water is heated and forced by
steam through aperatures [sic] in the bottom of the tubs. The
great amount of Carbonic-acid gas in the water keeps up a continual
boiling and bubbling, tickling and prickling the skin as though
it might be champaign [sic]. The body becomes quickly covered
with little globules which cause a commotion when brushed off-
The covered promenade is a neat specimen of ornamental lattice
work, a resting place, a chance for the orchestra in wet weather, and
in each end are several shops or stalls crowded with fancy articles
for sale. Two of them have a respectable sized library, to one
of which we have subscribed for a month and now our whole
family is deeply involved in novel-reading-
The spring, covered with a neat roof, and surrounded with
an iron railing, is about five feet below the promenade from
which a rosy-cheeked German girl hands up water. Many persons
buy glasses and use them exclusively. A stand near by makes a
brilliant display of hundreds of glasses in every color, size and price-
The water is strongly charged with iron, and the gas amounts
to fifty seven cubic inches of carbonic-acid gas in every pint, so
that there are more than twenty five cubic inches of gas in every
tumbler full that we drink and we drink three times a day-

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