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3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 interposition of a ridge which grows higher as it recedes from the
town. In these two valleys are situated the springs
and this ridge covered with ornamental grounds and a few villas
makes a connecting link between the spring-parks each side-
The slopes of the hills each side are dotted with hansome villas
forming a hansome background to the Parks.
Our apartments are near the lower end of the principal village-
a walk of ten or fifteen rods takes us to the Bath house, a
long two story building at our right hand, while on our left is a
hansome one-story covered promenade a little longer than the
Bath-House. And a little farther we reach the “Wienbrunnen” [sic]
the favorite spring of Schwalbach.
The Bath-House contains about 120 bathing rooms, those on the

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