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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 old or young, sometimes boys of ten years, with pipes half as
long as themselves. In the fields cows, instead
of oxen, draw the plow, and groups of women are digging
hoeing, weeding. Both are lively workers. It is quite true
that in Germany women and cows do the work. Why should’nt
they? Both are fat and apparently contented. The girls
have the rosiest cheeks I have ever seen Their energy
and perserverence [sic] is due the beautiful face of their country, so
cleanly and neatly cultivated, looking more like city gardens or
ornamental parks than farms. The cities and towns
universally cleanly present a striking contrast to those of Italy.
Its because the former are swept by women.
On our return to Schwalbach we found that Alice had
found a music teacher, and already taken a lesson. Miss Marie
Dillie, a german, who has been in England, teaches English, French,
music, and aspires to the sciences. Alice thinks she is not
hansome. Her face is sharp, eyes small, mouth receding, chin sharp
and prominent. And when her six foot slender highth bending
forward, comes sailing in dressed in plain black without ornament
or trimming, without skirt or hoop, we are inclined to believe that
Alice may be correct.
23rd Today we must record the cutting off of Alices hair. Otherwise
she might lose it all, a result of the fever.
Schwalbach is a charming little place so cosily nestled
in this little valley, surrounded by high verdant hills covered with
neatly trimmed groves and waiving meadows. The
upper end of the town is divided into two little narrow valleys by the

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