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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 were exhausting it happily among the shops when we suddenly missed
the satchel. I felt quite sure the driver had connived at its
disappearance, but we retraced our steps, searching everywhere,
and as a last resort, back to the station. The watchman said
nothing had been found, yet I compelled Henry to search well
our train, and when all hope had been abandoned, the man
cooly unlocked his closet and delivered it, saying he desired first
to be sure we were the owners, and thinking our dispair [sic] would
increase his fee, but it did’nt- While returning from
the station we fortunately met Mr RC Parsons and family in a
carriage. He had reached Mu-
nich on the day we left it and
instead of visiting Vienna had de-
cided to follow us to Frankfort, and
take up their temporary residence at the
-They Meet- springs of Hombourg.
Here in Frankfort, we bade a final adieu to our faithful Courier
Henry- Necessity called him home for a few weeks, and as our
travelling from Schwalbach would be rapidly homeward he de-
cided not to return-
Back again to Schwalbach, over the same road. At the
stations it is amusing to watch the characteristics of the natives.
One, very ludicrous to American eyes, is the custom of men
kissing each other, as affectionately as would two school-girls,
always two kisses, given and returned, generally on the side of
the mouths, some times on the cheeks-
The Teutons are seldom seen without a pipe in their mouths

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