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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 here was a real-estate “Deed” from Father requiring Ma’s
signature, certified before an American consul to be “her free act and
deed, separate and apart from her husband”. Of the latter condition
there could be but little doubt, and of the certificate, well thats
not so easy as with the two previous “Deeds”- There’s no Consul
here, none in Weisbaden, but, one must be found however far.
So, at 9 oclock She and I were in a covered carriage with Hen-
ry beside the driver, on our ^way^ to Weisbaden. A smart drive of
one hour and half carried ^us^ to the station. An hours ride on the
cars carried us to Frankfort, and a cab carried us to the U.S.
consul, a heavy-set, business-like individual, devoid of smiles or
compliments and who evidently appreciate his exalted position
“Consul General for the U.S. In Germany”. We had forgotten to bring
our passports and when he, unfeelingly threw himself back in
his arm-chair saying “well, I cant certify that I am personally
acquainted with Mrs Wade unless you bring her passport” we felt
ourselves in a mess, for she had already declared that she
“would’nt take that journey again for forty Deeds” and had
brought her satchel prepared to stay over night if the business
could not be finished off before train time. I showed a letter
or two to identify myself, swore to Madames identity, brought in Henry
as accumulative evidence, and had the satisfaction of seeing the
official bend to his work again, muttering something about being some-
times obliged to “compromise these matters” (meaning his conscience in
view of the $2.25 fee, and where he also displayed some financiering ability
as he refused to take my half Napoleon at the full current rate).
Two hours was alotted to us before the departure of our train and we

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