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They are very good considering that they are so easily carried
by two men and take up so little room
The Tivoli is situated at the junction of the two principal
streets and the “corner” rooms in the three different stories are
parlors, circular towards the street. Our parlor is the
lowest one, below the balcony (the two persons shown in the window
are not “us”.) containing three pleasant large windows, and the
five windows facing down the hill belong to our bedrooms.
Just across the street to our right begins the hansome Park
which contains the springs and their accessories, and those
things most needed by us are at this end, much more convenient
than the springs at Homburg, so we are well provided against
bad weather and bad walking-
Our rooms are all hansomely and
comfortably furnished. An abundance
of closets and ward-robes caused
our trunks to be speedily emptied
and we are already feeling more
“at home” than any time since leaving
Homburg last August, and we
are all delighted with the favorable
prospects for good quiet rest of several
weeks, free from travelling, packing and
the cramped annoyance of “living in
our trunks”.
-Tivoli- 15th Among the letters found awaiting us

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