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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 to try the “Hotel
des Postes”.
We drove to the
latter, selected
their best suite
of apartments and
were soon found by
“Henry” with his
luggage waggon -Hotel des Postes-
Beside the high, principal entrance, are two doors close
together leading into the same room, said room being the
imperial Post and Telegraph office in which we found
several letters awaiting us
After a well cooked and enjoyable dinner I called in Dr Genth
(who appears to stand No 1 among the local Physicians) for advice
as to how and where to begin the waters. Then a short
walk in search of, “furnished apartments by the week” resulted in
engaging very hansome and convenient rooms in the
neat and new little Hotel “Tivoli” at twenty thalers per
week including “service”. Three bed rooms, a parlor, and ante-
room, holding five single beds-
13th Our Tivoli rooms not being quite ready yesterday, we moved
in today in time for two oclock Dinner. I learn that there
are less than a dozen strangers in town. So we have but little
competition in selecting rooms and have only ourselves to blame
if we have not chosen the best location in Schwalbach-
have today rented a Piano at two thalers per week. An

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