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On the map called
By the Germans “Bad-
Schwalbach” and
by others “Schwalbach
The highway is
-Schwalbach- wide, or an ex-
ceedingly easy grade beautifully winding around and over
the hills, with no hansome houses or towns to vary the ten
and half miles of quiet ride.
How great a change to us since one week ago today
From perspiring Florence to chilly Germany. From
Priest and Flea-ridden Italy to a place of rest where either
are seldom seen or felt. From a state of filfth, beggary,
degeneracy, jealousy, ignorance and financial depression,
to a state of scrupulous cleanliness (no beggary!) prosperity, fire-
side happiness, high moral and intellectual advancement, classic-
al literature and music unexcelled, financial ease, and a
military organization unequalled, whose recent exploits have con-
quered all opposition to the rank of the first nation in Europe.
Our debut in Schwalback [sic] was first before the largest
Hotel called the “Allee Saal” to which we had been recom-
mended, and being refused admittance on account of
the Hotel not being open to travellers forcibly reminded us
that we had forestalled the “Season”. They advised us

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