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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 six tables, a little antique Piano and two immense stoves,
one of which was at once fired up to thaw Ma out-
Below our window, far down, a crowd of several hun-
dred people are gathering curiously watching our hotel,
perhaps ourselves, but Henry returns and says its Jules
Favre the French plenipotentiary whos exit they are awaiting.
He drives out through the crowd with his three secretaries
and assistants, slightly raises his hat, but no cheer or
flattering adieu greets his ear. They have just spent
too much blood and treasure among his countrymen.
Bismark left yesterday. This meeting finished up
the details of “Peace” between Prussia and France and
facilitates the more speedy return of French prisoners
who are now so much needed at Versailles.
12th Yesterday was spent in shipping, chiefly at the establishment
of Mr Hertz where a large stock of ready-made richly trim-
med robes and other articles were in rapid succession dis-
played before our wondering ladies which resulted in
greatly lightening my wallet-
The 1030 train carried us away. Three quarters of
an hour, through a garden country of level patch-quilts
brought us to the large city of Mayence on the Rhine-
A quarter of an hour more found us in the fashionable
watering and gambling place of Weisbaden. A
carriage for ourselves and a one-horse wagon for the baggage
were soon found with which we were soon out of town
on the beautiful highway bound for the German springs of

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