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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 ornamented wooden cross. Four of the large rooms fronting
upon this arcade contain tables, but only one contained bodies.
A “bulletin” upon the wall gave the hour of their entry- The
greater number had entered today, and none longer ago than yes-
terday- The law now extends throughout the state
that all deceased persons must at once be removed to one of
these receptacles, and kept there forty eight hours.
We next drove to the other “new Kirckhof” [sic], but not quite
as new as the last. Its ten-acre wall encloses a field
more completely filled with crosses and head-stones, and all
around the inside of the wall extends a hansome arcade.
The arcade at the front where we enter is already “engaged”,
filled up with ornamental tombs
in various styles, behind which
the wall is in same [sic] instances
ornamented with frescoes.-
Across the street a covered pas-
sage connects with the “old”
Krickhof [sic] where we looked through
the windows at four or five more
nicely dressed Babes reposing
among flowers, in frescoed rooms.
No appearance of dicomposition [sic]
on any-
10th Leaving Mrs Parsons and family
anxiously awaiting advices of Mrs Ps
safe arrival in England from – Kirckhof- arcade-

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