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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the low uncurtained windows, we were suddenly struck
aghast by an unexpected display- Facing us, near the
windows were eight Babes, recling [sic] on tables, the head a little
higher than the body as though sleeping, apparently varying
from one day to one year old, all dressed in white of more
or less expense. Around the heads and bodies of all were strewn a profusion of
wreaths made of
white wax flowers
and large green
leaves, which
will doubtless be
used upon their
One more fav-
-Neu-Kirckhof- [sic] ored than the
rest had almost a young greenhouse planted around it, of living flowers
and plants. A little farther back, lay an old
lady dressed neatly in black with white collar, she, and none other
had two candles (long ones) burning at her head- Behind
her lay a well dressed man. All on separate tables, except
the Babes of whom two were on one table. All had silver
rings on the fore finger of each hand from which a cord
connected with a bell that would ring by the slightest move-
ment (so I hear, at least it ought to to do so.) The
tables were hansome, as expensively finished as Billiard tables,
in oak or imitation, and at the head of each rose a tall

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