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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 ride to the frontier, but during the hours delay, a revenue
examination was exacted and we filled up the time by filling
up ourselves with hot rice soup, and no doubt filled the proprietor
with indignant wrath as we forgot to pay for it, eight dishes-
An hours ride to Rosenhiem [sic] where we were again com-
pelled to change cars. An all-day-rain made
these frequent changes anything but pleasant, especially as
the cars were not under cover, an unusual occurence.
At 3 1/2 PM we crossed the “Isar rolling rapidly”. “The sun
was low”, but there was no “untrodden snow” in sight, and
we reach^d^ Munich at 4 oclock after passing near the colos-
sal bronze statue of “Bavaria” holding her wreaths far above
the tall tree tops. Hotel “four Seasons”-
9th Rainy, cold, Ma, Anna and Julia Parsons spent several
hours in the two large picture galleries, old and new “pinacothek”-
while the rest of us enjoyed a good rest-
Towards evening we took carriage and visited the “Morgues”
or houses for the receptacle of the deceased. First, to
the “New Kirchhof”, where, after entering the gateway in a high
brick wall enclosing a square of ten or twelve acres, and
passing through a field as thickly planted with little crosses
and wooden tablets as a “corn-stubble” we found ourselves at the
beginning of a long gravelled walk terminating in a long
new building with an arcade along the whole front and ^before^ its
wings. Entering the arcade we found the central door
locked, and while walking along to the left searching for
a chance to enter, and peering into the empty rooms through

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