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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 May 8 Innsbruck to Munich

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 to within a stones throw of us, we are watching it, admir-
ing it, and feeling its chilly breezes, through the smiling [sic]
fruit trees densely laden with blossoms. And around us
are spread out the highly cultivated little farms, in neat
square patches, ornamented with trees and flowers, like or-
namental gardens. It is sunday, no shops open, no
business being transacted. The happy, healthy, and orderly
Tyrolese are everywhere in sight strolling and chatting, quietly,
interspersed with many Austrian soldiers and officers in a
variety of gay and dashing uniforms, a most brilliant and
lively coloring for this magnificent landscape, where every Ex-
treme of varying nature is close at hand. High snow-clad
mountains with their lower slopes fragrant in flower beds, and vin—
yards, irrigated by the little rivulets from adjacent cascades noisily
gushing over the mountain sides to swell the tide of the power-
full river which might float a ship at this point. Farmhouses
chateaus and clean white villages fill up the picture as fully as
an artist could wish, while beside us the wild scenery is tamed
into the luxuries of city life, a flourishing, busy, little city full of
interest, often gladdened and enriched by the presence of their young
Emperor, the worthily beloved Josph [sic] 2nd of Austira-
8th An early Breakfast was necessary to deliver us in good shape on
board the 8 AM train for Munich. Another delightfull
ride down the narrow valleys, ravines, and defiles which the rail-
way has chosen, following the meanderings of some foaming little
torrent with rugged highths close on the other hand, to
Kufstein where we are compelled to change cars for an hours

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