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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 754 Florence to Verona, Innsbruck, +c

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 6th A carriage ride to the ancient amphitheater of which the well preserve
seats now interestingly show us how the Colosseum must have been ar-r
ranged. Thence to the house of Juliet of the Capuletti, but the balcony
that favored her Romeo is not there, only a little one opposite to the
fourth story windows. Dingy, rusty, broken, plaster knocked off
and uncombed heads pearing (sic) from the windows, the house is not hansome-
215 P.M. Train, again advancing northward, through charming
valleys and narrow defiles, our roadway sharing the scanty
space with the tumbling cascades by our side, the verdant
and varying mountain slopes dotted with cottages of the hardy
Innsbruck, at 1130 P.M. tired and sleepy, good rooms again
in the Hotel d’Autriche, but no carpets.
7th This PM with wife and Alice I have had one of the most charming,
delightful , rides that I have ^Ever^ experienced, down the valley to Chateau
Ambras, thence across to the river, and across the river by a neat
suspension bridge, back along the high bank of the river “Inn”
which begins in Switzerland among the glaciers. While
the “upper story”, of all
the mountains which
imprison this little
valley, is everywhere
covered with snow,
and while the snow
and ice in the gorges
and ravines stretches
its white fingers down -Environs of Innsbruck-

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