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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 April 4-5 Florence 753

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 from the P.O. Stands the Palazzo Uffizi containing the principal picture
galleries which we had no time to visit. It is connected by a cover’d
passage above the streets with the Palazzo Vechio. [Sic]
There is a celebrated order of public philanthropists, chiefly com-
posed of monks, called the “misericordia”, whose duty it is, at the
ringing of a certain bell to put on their Robes and masks, and hasten
to the assistance of any one in distress, to perform the last earthly
duties to unfortunate victims. The Grand Duke has been seen to
hastily l eave his table at the call of the bell
5th The 1040 AM train found us on board, in company with Mrs
RC Parsons Daughter and Son, bound northward.
As I have already described this route, it is not again necessary.
Florence looked lovely as we skirted picturesque hills, but the
heat made us glad to depart. The same fifty long dark tun-
nels kept us underground, suffocated with smoke, and deprived of the
mountain scenery. Through Pistoja to Boulogne where we change
cars and wait a half hour. Thence through Ferrara to Padua
when we again change cars, reaching Verona at Eleven P.M.
and reminded of our
previous long rough
omnibus ride, by an-
other just like it, this
time to the Hotel
“tour de Londres” – an
old Palace, but, a little
cleaner than the other,
-Order of the misericordia- and more cheerful

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