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a lighter, and delivered on board
the new Italian Bark “Rosina
Bruno, in the harbor, before
six P.M. Paid Mr Massi
280 francs for two quarter casks
of Marsala wine to go with the next
The streets were unusually lively, gay
with flags and brass bands to welcome
the expected arrival of Prince Her-
bert from Rome
8 PM train back to Florence.
4th Sent the Consul Jay S. Howard [3057 Firenze. Loggia dell Orcagna]
a draft on Leghorn for 1120 francs to pay for two quarter-casks
of Port Wine to be shipped with the next invoice.
Florence keeps up the same military display as the other large
Italian cities, a daily parade through the streets, generally
“quick time”- Every morning their sweet music passes our
windows twice before Breakfast, dying away in the distance while
the steady heavy tramp of the soldiers continues to shake the buildings.
The soldiers do not make a brilliant appearance, no bright colors-
too much dirt- A contrast to the splendid, yet plain, appearance of
the gray [sic] “national guards” of Rome.
Across the street from the Palazzo Vechio [sic] is a Lodge or portico
containing many fine specimens of statuary, open to the public.
The balance of the building is the Post office, and across the street

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