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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 April- May 3 Florence 751

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 buying statuary for Father, viz= “Flight from Pompeii” from Prof-
Carusi, to be finished as soon as the Bust. Two garden statues “Summer
and Spring” from Pietro Salada, to be finished in six months,
“Stooping Venus“, from Alessandro Lazzerini, finished.
Went with the old town-Guide on a two miles tramp in the hot sun-shine
to the quarries. Arrived at the base, or debris, of some large ones
but did not ascend to their openings, as the
workmen had just closed
their days work (5 pm).
There are about 450 mines
worked by about 6000 men.
The quarries have been
worked since “B.C.” and
yet they have only
-Palazzo Pitti- scratched a few white
streaks in the face of the mountains, as seen from below. They
are inexhaustible. A railway is at last being built to bring
down the blocks to Carraara, for which the suffering illtreated oxen
will be thankfull. The yokes are slender, sharp, and cutting, as
ill shaped as could be imagined, and the drivers sit in the yokes to
beat the poor brutes continually upon their tender horns.
Delicious cold spring water tumbles down the gorges in noisy cascades
accumulating through Carrara where the blocks are sawed by water-
power. 6 P.M. Back again to Florence.
3rd I go to Leghorn by 9^30^ train, 2 1/2 hours ride. By
the assistance of the Vice Consul Emilio Massi I got my ten boxes of statuary

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