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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Flora Deshler. The families of our friends, Parsons, Palmers, Evans
and Tweddle are also in town.
I have spent several hours on the always interresting “Ponte Vechio” [sic]
or Jewellers bridge, so named from the fifty jewellery stores bordering
each side of its narrow roadway, and no other kind. The
rears of the stores project over the water in the most grotesque va-
riety of shapes and sizes
cheap and dingy.
Nearly all of them have
their whole stock of goods
displayed in their front
windows and narrow
locked cases on the nar-
row sidewalk.
On one side above
the stores a covered -Ponte Vechio- [sic]
passage is carried across the bridge, made by one of the ancient
grand Dukes of Tuscany to connect the Pitti Palace with the old
Palazzo Uffizi, and Palazzo Vecchio.
We drove across the river to the Royal, or “Palazzo Pitti” but was
too late to gain admission. It contains many ancient relics, like
the vatican but on a much smaller scale. Looks more like a
prison than a Palace and have no doubt King Victor enjoys the pros-
pect of an early removal to Rome.
May 2nd Ma and I went by 4^30^ P.M. Train to Carrara.
May 2nd Yesterday and today she has been faithfully sitting for a “Bust”
before Prof Lazzerini, while I have busied myself among the shops.

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