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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 are thickly covered
with pretty villas,
white spots with bright
green background.
The “Casine” a
narrow park along
the Arno two or
three miles long, is
looking charming,
-Cathedral of St Michael- and there more
than elsewhere we observe the Italian characteristics.
Their great ambition is to sport a handsome span of Horses, fine
carriage , with two liveried flunkies on the drivers seat.
Four-horse teams, tandem before sulkies, Horseback, +c Many
people, in order to make this dashing display are said to be living
in actual discomfort,, doing much of their own work in soil^e^d garments
not approachable until their “good dress” is put on towards evening.
We drove around the immense and elegant cathedral
of San Michele, but had no time to visit its plain interior. The
only interresting work of art being the large frescoes in the Dome.
The exterior of the front, beside the tall square campanile, has never
been finished and is very unsightly.
To the right of the cathedral stands the old Palazzo Vec-
hio, the square tower of which looms up conspicuously above other
spires. We have spent nearly two days shopping for silks
and new clothing. All reasonably cheap.
Have had pleasant visits with Mrs. Woodrow and her sister Miss

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