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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Our road follows the shore for several miles through Pasignano
to the large town of Arezzo, and soon after, enter the valley
of the river Arno which we follow to florence, darkness
depriving us of its pretty landscapes.
Our road has passed through many tunnels, some of which
were of considerable length.
South of Monte Somma the country is poorly cultivated
and almost fruitless. North of it the country brightens
teeming with orchards, vinyards [sic], and cheerfull homes.
At 8 1/2 P.M. We reach Florence where we find
Henry awaiting us. He conducts us to the hansome Hotel
de l’ Univers where finely furnished apartments await us, not
withstanding the crowded condition of the city.
Alice has borne the long and fatiguing ride even better
than the ladies although she cannot yet stand alone.
Florence, clean, bright, gay, and active, is looking far different
from our last-falls visit, when mud and rain gave the streets a
filthy and un in-
viting aspect.
And now we regret
that Alices sickness
has deprived us of
our anticipated
months sojourn.
The hills and low
Mountains which
Surround the city [-Florence-]

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