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26th Last night Henry took our trunks to Florence to engage rooms-
At 9 1/2 AM (this morning) we entered the omnibus for the railway
station with Alice in my lap. Nurse (Virginia) assisting to carry our
little traps. By paying our first class fare extra to Florence I
secured a whole compartment for eight, to ourselves exclusively (six
first class tickets) Good and comfortable— but the day is hot and dusty-
For nearly fifty miles we follow the windings of the Tiber through
a verdant-valley between low hills and irregular mountains then cross
the rapid Nera and enter a rugged picturesque country, following
this stream through a narrow valley for ten or twelve miles where, a
little beyond the former boundary between “the states of the church” and united
Italy, stands several arches of the ruins of Emp’ Augustus’ bridge on
the Via Flaminia, sixty feet high, fine specimens of bridge architecture-
more than eighteen hundred years it has resisted the floods and torrents-
A little beyond is Narni the birth place of Empr Nerva. Pope John
13th and Erasmus. Next the interesting town of Terni the birthplace
of the historian Tacitus, the Emprs Tacitus and Florianus, where our
car lamp overhead is lighted for the tunnels and we soon begin a
steep ascent through ragged defiles of Monte Domma a spur of the Appenines
to a hight of 2100 feet, where while I am fanning Alice the rain has
turned to hail filling the gutters, white. An hours descent, to Spoleto
founded BC 242, now but 11000 inhabitants. Thence through Foligno,
Spello to Assisi celebrated as the birth place of Francis Bernardone (1182)
the St Francis who originated the Fransican monastery system. We see
conspicuously on the hill the high arches and walls of their monastery00 The
city is a mile distant, but beside the railway in a barren spot stands

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