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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 April 25 Rome 745

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 25th This PM died young McCall of Phild a noble youth, at the Hotel Costanzi
of Typhoid fever, sacrificed to a religion through the mistaken zeal of his catholic
mother (in England) His criminally negligent catholic Physician (Dr Veleri) and Nurse
(a white caped nun) prohibited all assistance from friends (protestants)-
Today our Henry has left word the P.O. To forward our letters to Florence
The P.O. Is at the end of the “Repetta” among very crooked narrow streets. It
is today being removed into the Piazza Colonna, while this building is being
inconveniently changed into the Italian house of Parliament.
The streets of Rome are the crookedest of any city I have yet seen. With
the exception of four or five short main streets, they are generally not more than
one or two blocks long, angling in every direction-
The Piazza colonna is the largest one on the Corso and a favorite place
for gatherings and loafers. Near
the Corso is a large fountain with a
low jet- In the centre stands
the marble column of Marcus Aurelius.
its shaft composed of twenty six blocks
covered with sculptural reliefs of the Emp-
erors wars agains the German tribes on
the Danube. Sixtus 5th restored and
erroneously ascribed it to Empr Antoninus
Pius. Its summit is now surmounted
by a statue of St Paul-
Beyond the Column, is the building for the
New Post office with many columns in front.
On the right of it is the Palace Chigi. In
-Column of Marcus Aurelius- front of the latter is the Palace Piombino

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