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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The Pope has his heart strings jerked many times since, the Italian
occupation- Before then, the bearer or owner of a national flag would
be arrested, even after the capture but before the October election which
“plebiscite” was to decide the Roman condition voluntarily- Upon the
day of this protected-election the people became almost crazed with delight
Every body high or low young or old, paraded the streets wearing a large
“Si” (yes) upon their breasts. All classes of mechanics, Hatters,
shoemakers, carpenters, +c here have societies, clanning together, and
on this occasion thirty societies paraded, each with a band, and
each an elegant national banner. Flags appeared like magic
everywhere without arrest.
The Pope is reputed penurious. Never gives charities, sent
his poor sisters larger family one hundred francs once upon demand-
Years ago when he was flourishing every body had to kneel when
he passed on the street, or raise their hats when they mentioned his
name- The cardinals moved in great state with many gaudy
servants, now they are charactured [sic] in the shop windows
The Popes very extensive summer Palace on the Quirinal hill has
been appropriated by the Crown Prince, and is now being refitted for
the King. A few days ago while the Royal family were absent
to the maratime [sic] exhibition in Naples we paid it a visit and were
allowed top pass through the principal apartments- The furniture
has been elegantly gilded and covered with new satin. The dirty marble
floors are now carpeted- Several of the rooms have the grandest
chandeliers of Venetian glass that I have ever seen. The chapel is
being furnished for a Billiard room- Walls recovered with Satin
or bright cloths. Ceilings unattractive. Several fine “Gobelins”-

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