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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 enforced in Rome disbands and scatters all Jesuit societies-
The church at first very dark, was soon found to be richly decorated
with statuary, frescoes, gilding and polished marble work mixed with
oriental alabaster, high and arched, with benches in the nave.
The Pope does not mean that we shall lose sight of the Virgin Mary
On or near the corner of nearly every block in Rome there is a shrine with
a burning lamp-
Every day we see dozens of squads of “bible backs” marching on
our street. They are scholars or world-be Priests going to or coming
from the Propaganda in the Piazza di Spagna, the catholic eclesias-
tical college. Dressed in long gowns, flapping arm straps, wide
brimmed hats and low shoes. Dresses red, black, brown and various
colors, march always two abreast very orderly.
Also on the same streets we dee daily several squads of boys marching
In the same style driven along by a Priest. Boys dressed in long
black cloaks and plug hats even down to the ten-year-old’ers. They
are from the lay college in the Villa Borghese grounds- are all “nobility”-
Funeral processions are queer displays here, never any carriages-
Always hired mourners in masks and long gowns, followed by monks,
marching two abreast, all carrying candles a yard long, the
pall bearers in white- always a high showy frame, with gaudy
gold cloth covering the coffin, sometimes chanting, never any
friends of genuine mourners- One day we saw an
extraordinary procession in honor of a rich Roman who had been banished
by the Pope, conducted by the Government and military, procession
over a mile long, many societies bearing their elegant flags- a
very patriotic and liberal display from the citizens-

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