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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of high and massive tombs, generally made of small stones held
by excellent cement, except that of St Cecilia which is of marble and
consequently the best preserved.
Through the campagna, on our left, as far as the eye can reach
towards the Alban mountain, extend the broken, high arches, of the
Acquia Claudia more than 1800 years old, made of brick-
These meadows so void of shrubbery or undergrowth but full of
ravines and stone fences, make an excellent territory for the
favorite Roman
amusement of Fox-
hunting and which
they conduct in a
gorgeous manner,
attracting many
witnesses- Ma
-Ruins of the Acquia Claudia- and Jep during
Alices more serious illness found opportunity to see a hunt with Mr Cs
family- The start was near the tomb of Cecelia, about sixty gaily
attired ladies and gents including the Crown Prince started after the thirty
fleet hounds, (Having given the Fox a long start ) upon airy looking
Horses which jumped all impediments in high steeplechase style-
Mother also attended one of the steeple chase races where the Horse of
Harriet Hosmer the America sculptress, won the first prize of 1500 francs-
She has the reputation of being “half Horse herself”-
We have ridden to the Jesuit church, which was recently in trouble
with the new government, a row, a cleaning out, a closing, a reconcil-
iation, and opening again. The Italian law which must now be

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