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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 mentioned parties, we have had pleasant calls from Mr and Mrs
Horace Kelley, Mr and Mrs Tweddle, the Hoyles, Barneys, and Evans,
RC Parsons family and others.
20th Another ride with Alice, laying upon Pillows on the back seat, Went
out the Porta del Popolo into the campagna by the Flaminian way
across the Tiber by the Porta Molle two miles distant where the
great battle of Maxentius was fought, thence down the shore through
a long, wide, straight avenue bordered with luxurient shade trees
re-entering the city wall by the Porta Angelica, in the Piazza di St Pietro
across the Tiber by the Ponte Angelo-
21st Todays ride was out through the Porta Pia into the country but
here as nearly every other highway leading from the city, the
farms and occasional Villas nearest to the road are hidden from
view by solid plastered walls ten or more feet high. Instead
of returning to this Hotel we stopped at the Hotel Costanzi, a mile dis-
tant, and secured a room for the night, elevated and airy, one
hundred and twenty five steps high, which Alice understood to
be a manoeuver [sic] to accustom her to a change of air for travelling,
but really, it was in consequence of the great fire works to take place
this evening (unknown to her) on the Pincian hill, of which the can-
non firing would nearly craze her. An extra fee retained
the Nurse with Alice while Wife and I joined our family to see
the display, from our “engaged seats” (five francs each) in the
upper circle under awning cover among the nobility and aristocracy-
the amphitheatrical shape of the Piazza del Popolo being admi-
rably adapted for seats, while the “square” (it is round)
below us rapidly filled with thousands upon thousands of the populace

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