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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 stood up to use their opera glasses on the “Boxes”- The play was
badly cut, mutilated, abridged, in order to throw in a long, tedious, sense-
less, three-act ballot [sic], conspicuous for its multiplicity of actors and bare-legs
The “Marguerita” was splendid, perfect-and the Mephistopheles excellent-
19th Today ALice took her first carriage rid (although unable to stand alone)
an hour through the charming grounds of the Villa Borghese and up, around,
the gardens on the Pincian hill-
Her appetite is rapidly increasing
and Wife and I are kept busy
cooking little delicacies for her.
The Italians know but little about
proper means for warming rooms.
Instead of the excellent stoves which
we find through the German states
-Italian Fire-place- or Switzerland, they Every where
have awkward fireplaces, with the draft so far back that we waste
much wood for little benefit, nearly always the same and all have a
pair of bellows beside it, nothing less can make them burn- but I
have saved my scorched fingers a little by warming many things over a
spirit lamp. I made a toast-rack and grid iron from the wire in a large bouquet
one of the many beautiful bouquets which Alice has received from sympathising [sic]
friends Mrs Burrows, Mrs OH Palmer, Molly Payne, James Bowen, +c
It is only within the last few years that any provision at all
was made for warming Hotel apartments-
and they are such copyists that they have all
followed the first deficient pattern-
Besides the families and companions of the above

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