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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 opening into the nave. These chapels and the massive pillars in
the nave are ornamented with hansome tombs, of statuary +c-
Before the high alter [sic] stands a heroic sized statue of Christ (by
Michael Angelo) holding a large cross. The right foot, for protection,
has been covered with a bronze stocking and these metal toes are worn
and brightened with kisses, while we stood by it a well dressed
man came up and kissed it three or four times then went out ^of^ doors-
Conspicuously in the nave is a show case sunk into the wall
six or seven feet square covered with glass, and gold frame,
Within we see half a dozen gaily dressed wax figures doing
homage to the infant in a box (manger) with frescoed walls around
them- We rambled around, guide book in hand talking
together, while devotees were scattered all around us on their knees
behind XX little splint bottom chairs, their lips going but their eyes
following us- such is the custom- We walked up near the
White robed Priests who were going through the motions of service, reading
sachéz-ing, singing, swinging insense [sic] lamps, walking around
nodding, kneeling, +c all heartlessly mechanical-
The evening before Alice was taken ill we all went to see the
opera of Faust at the Apollo Theatre. Unfortunately our courier
engaged seats in the second row form the orchestra an immense band of fifty
instruments which detracted from our enjoyment, especially of poor Alice
who was already too full of fever and illness to bear patiently the drums which
she dreads at any time, added to which was an oppressively warm atmosphere,
so she was in misery the whole evening and it undoubtedly aggravated her
illness. The audience was noisy—especially the males around us who
Italian-like make their disturbance by singing, and during the intermissions

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