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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 own robes, hood, cross and book, and stood up in the bone “niches”-
When another dies, the one who has stood their longest must give way
and have his bones scattered among the assorted piles- This assorting
is done with much taste. Long bones are piled along the walls together
like “sawed and split stove-wood”, leaving niches for the last comers to
stand, some of these piles are of skulls with a few other bones to hold them
up. In some of the niches the monks are reclining. Several
bones are frescoed upon the walls and ceilings in neat and tasty de-
signs, pannels, circles, triangles +c assisted by long slim bones for
mouldings. The chandeliers are also made of bones- Some of
the dressed skeletons are wearing their whiskers which makes the
hideous grinners more horrible. Four thousand monks have thus
been scattered. This order is much respected. Mendicant
Friars, like the rest, living on what they beg, but they serve a
soup every day at t heir door to the poor who flock there in crowds.
They are more respected than the Priests, because of their hardships
saying masses all day, or walking all day to beg a few pennies, then
sleep on a hard bed with no sheets, only a coarse blanket, and every night
must get up and pray together from midnight until one oclock-
Always wear the same heavy woolen cloak and cape, with woolen shirt in
winter and summer- sandals without socks, not hats-
Another day we drive past the Pantheon into the Piazza Mi-
nerva, a small paved square, containing a small Egyptian obelisk
standing on the back of a marble Elephant- On one side with
a very plain front stands the church of “Santa Maria Sopra Minerva”
Large within, and comes nearer being the Gothic style than any
other church in Rome. Contains eighteen richly decorated chapels

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