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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Concezione, the church of the Capuchin brotherhood, a plain building
without any spire- Above it, adjoining, is their monastery with spire
and clock. The church within in small (with five small chapels
opening into it on each side) plainly furnished. E^a^ch chapel is gay
with flowers- but what we came to see is not there, its down
cellar. We go out, into the court of the long white building
adjoining, thence into the basement of the church only two or three
steps below the ground outside, where we enter a passage having
the windows on our left, and upon our right a succession of six
small rooms or square recesses about fifteen feet square, all
(except the 5th which is a small chapel) containing the bones of defunct
Monks of the brotherhood, no one else, except the first one which
also contains bones from the Barberini family, among them a very small
skeleton of a child three or four months old. The floor is composed
of holy earth from Geruselem [sic] divided into burying lots with black
wooden crosses at
the ends, into
which the dead
monks are buried
until nearly or
quite decomposed,
then they are rese-
rected [sic], boiled
cleaned, and their
skeletons clothed
-Bones of the Capuchins- again with their

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