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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 XX, all illustrating the life saving miracles of this infant christ,
a large part of which are from being run over by carriages, all the
cheapest kind of ill proportioned daubs. It is often sent for as
a last resort for dying persons. If the Bambinos cheeks change
color to red there is hope, otherwise not. People fall upon
their knees when it passes in the streets, and rush up to kiss it upon
every opportunity. Formerly it was carried in great state by Monks
in an elegant carriage.
The lucky invalids make
it valuable presents-
My Virginia (Catholic)
says that, once it was
stolen from the church
by a woman. It
got away, the next night
and returned to the door,
knocking, when all the
church bells in the city
-Sante Maria della Concezione- begin to ring and the
frightened watchmen let it in, “the poor thing, its little feet were so muddy”
The floors of the church are quite uneven, are in large slabs, each
one a cover to a burial vault, and many of them are carved with inscrip-
tions, a sculpture in flat relief of monks laying with arms folded, +c.
In one of the chapels is a large painting representing the holy Angel
with drawn sword chasing Adam and Eve from Eden. The latter are
flying in terror with their fig leaves floating behind-
Another day we drove to the church of Sante Maria della

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