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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the Pope is driving them into it, because he has ordered the Priests
to not confess or give absolution to ^any^ one of them unless they discard
their uniforms and declare “for the Pope”-
We went first to the church of Sante [sic] Maria in Araceli on the
capitoline hill, very old, nearly a thousand years, with a
plain unfinished front. Within, it is dark and dingy but
shows evidence of having been gay at some past date- I had
been there once before but did not succeed in seeing the object
for which it is most celebrated, the
“Bambino”- Passing up by the
high alter [sic], out at a side door into a
kind of Ante room, through it into a
plain little chapel. The attendant
Monk reaches between the candles of the
plain alter [sic], slides back some folding
doors disclosing a frescoed recess in
-The Bambino- which stands Mary and Joseph life
size, with a box at their feet which the Monk draws out, takes
off a lot of pads and wrapings [sic], unlocks, and steps back for us
to admire the “Bambino”, a copper colored moon-faced doll dressed
in a long robe covered with precious stones, which might be
valuable if real, but they are undoubtedly all imitations- Wears
a gold or gilded crown. There is a superstitious belief that this
doll has the miraculous power of saving life and in the nave of
the church, upon the face of the pilasters beside the entrance to one of the
gaudiest [sic] chapels, hang about an hundred small paintings of various
sizes averaging less than a foot square, on wood without frames

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